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Webpage co-authors, photographs and coworkers
  Shroomko house
Brand name Gardi (www.gardi.si)
Produced by: Mizarstvo Ivan Vrhovec s.p., Gites d.o.o.

What is Shroomko House?
The Shroomko House is a safe and playful architectural design-piece for children to play in, to hide in. The image of the mushroom is taken from the world of illustrated children's books. It also fits nicely into nature. The Shroomko House is the first in a line of products that carry the Gardi brand name.

Why a wooden Shroomko House?
Wood is a renewable and sustainable resource. It's attractive, even when covered with the patina of age. The Shroomko House is designed to enjoy a long life, as an alternative to plastic houses that break or fall apart after just a few years of use, and create a huge amount of plastic waste. Only 7% of the world's plastic is recycled, while the remainder ends up in landfills and in the oceans.

Where does the Shroomko House go?
It was designed to be used in private gardens. Later it became clear that it could be well used elsewhere, in public parks, for example, and kindergarten playgrounds.

How do we set up the Shroomko House?
The Shroomko House was designed with the DIY concept in mind. It's easily assembled. The construction is modular and self-supporting, and fixed at the top with just five hidden screws. The outer housing consists of 13 vertical and removable wood panels attached to the main construction. If it becomes damaged, parts can be easily replaced quickly, and can be provided by Gardi in the shortest possible time.

And when you no longer need the Shroomko House?
Pass it on to another family with small children; or use it for storage in the garden or elsewhere, keeping things looking smart and natural.