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Webpage co-authors
    2020 One month living and creating at the residence of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia in London, where she focused on field research on disposable cups.
    2018 Taught for three months as a guest lecturer at the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, College of Design, Creative Design Department in Taiwan.
    2016 Invited member of the international jury for the A'Design Award and Competition, Italy.
    2015 Received an anonymous nomination in Italy for designer of the year from a member of the International Association of Designers.
    2010 on has been involved in regular teaching work at ALUO as a faculty lecturer. She developed and introduced new subjects to the program: Sustainable Development in Design and Sustainable Design.
    2009 Received a Confirmation of Important Art Works by the University of Ljubljana.
    2008 Invited by the HTBL Ferlach/Design College, Austria, where she teaches as a guest lecturer for the next two years.
    2007 Received M.A. from Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, on “Sustainability as a Way of Life”.
    2006 Works on several projects with furniture industry; exhibits at furniture fairs in and outside of Slovenia.
    2003–05 Focused on post-graduate studies in environmental design.
    2000–02 Maternity leave.
    1997– Assistant at the Industrial Design Department of the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana. Works for various clients in the field of industrial and interior design, writes newspapers articles, lectures on the subject of industrial design at several schools within University of Ljubljana.
    1994–97 Free lance designer in the field of graphic and packaging design.
    1993 Received scholarship from the Dutch government for a post-graduate study on environmental issues and design at the European Design Centre in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
    1992 Industrial design and promotion consultant at the Design Promotion Centre-CETRA (China External Trade Development Council) in Taipei, Taiwan.
    1991 B.A. in Industrial Design from Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, University of Ljubljana