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  Chair 5x5
Client: Sijaj Hrastnik d.d.

Innovative application of material – the chair’s seat and back are made of xilit.

Xilit is a material, dug from 300 m under the earth surface together with lignite of Velenje. However it is neither coal nor wood. At the present time most of this raw material is being thrown away. This is very bad from the ecological point as we create additional waste on the surface of the Earth. Xilit is extremely hard and brittle. By treating its surface appropriately we are able to obtain a beautiful surface structure of high-quality. If the procedure is conducted adequately the appearance of the surface resembles ebony. For this very reason xilit is considered a valuable material.

Chair 5x5 is a typical designer project, whereby the limitations imposed as to the use of material were recognized as a challenge. Taking into consideration that the minimal still acceptable dimension in handling this material in great quantities is approximately 5x5 cm, it was precisely this fact that represented the starting-point for the concept of the design.

In March 2010 the 5x5 chair was selected as a finalist for the IDEA Awards and as a result became part of the permanent collection at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, USA. In 2014 the chair was among the silver winners at the A'Design Award and Competition in Italy.

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